China power tiller, Gongnong 15hp power tiller, model GN151

China power tiller, Gongnong 15hp power tiller, model GN151

Model No.︰GN151

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Model Unit GN-151
Structure weight Without rotavator kg 360
With rotavator 470
Working weight (with rotavator) kg 513
Turning speed of rototilling shaft rpm 199/250
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2950 x 980 x 1240
Number of blades PCS 18/20
Rototilling width mm 600
Type of tractor   Single axle, dual-purpose for both traction & drive
Travelling speed Forword Km/h 1.55, 2.76, 4.63, 5.74, 10.19, 17.11
Reverse 1.22, 4.53
Type size   6.00-12
Wheel track mm 810, 750, 690, 570(normally use 810)
Min. ground clearance mm 210
Min. turning radius m 1.1with no rotavator
Model of engine   ZS1100N
Type of engine   Horizontal 4-stroke
Bore x stroke mm 100×115
Total displacement L 0.903
Compression ratio   20:01
Turing speed of crankshaft rpm 2200
1-hour rated output KW/hphp 12.13/16.5
12-hour rated output KW/hp 11.03/15
Specific fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤245
Specific lube oil consumption g/kw.h ≤2.04
Cooling mode   Condenser (Radiator)
Main farm implements (optional) Anti-skid steel wheel Model 100-680
Double-furrow plough Model 1LS-220
Disk plough Model 1LS-220Y
Power driven disk plough Model 1LYQ-320
Sprinkler Model 8Y-80
Swather/reaper Model 4GL-120
Trailer 7C-1.5 (Standard)
Trailer 7C-1.5BH (Hydraulic dumping)

Advantages︰ The MINGSIN Brand Power Tiller / Two-wheel tractor Model GN151 is of dual-function type that can be used as a means of traction as well as drive. It is featured by its simple and compact structure, good reliability, long service life, easy operation, ample output, light weight and good cross-country ability. GN-151 power tiller walking tractor is more powerful and efficient than GN-121. It is very suitable for use in paddy fields, dry fields, orchards, vegetable gardens and hilly land with a little inclination. It can be used for plough, rotary tilling, harrowing in paddy fields, harvesting, drilling, ditching, transportation and etc. if suitable farm implements or accessories are attached. In addition, it can also be extensively used as a stationary power source for small scale drainage and irrigation, sprinkling, grain threshing, cotton ginning, flour milling, fodder cutting and so on.

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