We believe “Quality Changes the World”; We display the world’s highest quality; we believe that developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority. With our people-oriented belief, we are always willing to help our partners succeed.

Our major products include:
1. Small agricultural machines-such as walking tractor, cultivator, power tiller, rotovator, motoculteur, reaper and binder, implements of the walking tractor and power tiller.
2. Big agricultural machines-such as 4-wheel tractor, combine harvester, transplanter, rotary tiller, disc harrow, disc plough, mouldboard plow, seed drill and other implements of 4-wheel tractor.
3. Construction machines-such as excavator and wheel loader.
4. Horticultural machines-such as mist duster.

Besides constantly improving the quality of our products, Mingsin is also committed to providing customers with all-round and efficient services. With its unique advantages, Mingsin is striving to help build a better world.