What is a Rototiller (cultivator and walking tractor)?

Gardeners and farmers can truly appreciate their cultivator come Spring when it is time to plant their garden or farm field. The cultivator goes by a few other names the soil. They come in a range of sizes. They are used to prepare soil in small areas or small farm field, such as flower beds or small gardens. Many of the smaller cultivators are self-propelled for ease of use.

Agricultural rototillers are drawn behind a two-wheel tractor. These are used by farmers to cultivate small to medium-size fields for planting. These agricultural rototillers have a higher horsepower and can prepare 1 to 4 hectare of land. At one time, they were used strictly for areas growing rice. However, now they are used by farmers in both dry land and wetland areas all over the world. Since they are compact, powerful and more economical, farmers who have smaller farms and those in developing countries have an alternative to the larger tiller that is pulled behind a four-wheel tractor.

The most important purpose of a rototiller is for aerating the soil you are preparing to plant. This provides the perfect foundation for a garden filled with delicious vegetables. Aerating adds oxygen to the soil which in turn causes microbial activity. As a result, the microorganisms supplied by this surge feed on the organic matter in the soil and therefore, enriched soil is created on which your plants and vegetables feed. If plants don’t receive the necessary amount of oxygen, they are not equipped to take in enough nutrients to be and stay healthy and then, they’ll become toxic and ultimately, they’ll die. As mentioned previously, a rototiller is primarily known for its purpose of preparing the soil in gardens. It breaks the ground easily and makes planting a garden practically effortless.

It is important to note that using a rototiller excessively (breaking up the soil more than twice at a time) can be damaging to the soil. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you are attempting to get rid of weeds in a specific area. Use the rototiller to turn the weeds under once. Then, when the weeds have returned, turn them under again . Repeat this process until the weeds disappear completely.

Rototillers are used to work other matter into the soil once it is sufficiently cultivated. Some gardeners and farmers use this handy tool to work organic matter and fertilizers into their soil prior to planting their crops.

A rototiller can also be used to prepare areas of soil for the planting of grass. If you are adding topsoil to establish a healthy lawn, using a rototiller to incorporate the topsoil or organic matter
can be effective.