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3WF-2.6 Mist Sprayer

basic information
Horticulture machines
Product description
Main Features
■ Using a special structure. All of the components which will have touch with the pesticide are made of plastic that can corrosion-resistant or the stainless steel. No need to worry about the resistant.
■ Using a new ventilation structure, the wind is directed to the area of the back pad, users feel cool even in the summer.
■ The mouth of the tank is big. Simple and convenient to add the pesticide, even the bag of pesticide can be added directly.
■ There is a small discharge port in the under of the tank. The Pesticide residues can be cleared.
■ The bottom of the rack has a big size. Low center of gravity position makes it more stable.
■ The engine use recoil style, simple to use. There are protecting components for the high temperature.
■ There is rotation structure where the horse and volute connection. Simple to use, and have a long life.
■ Can be used for kill the pests of the cotton, wheat, rice, and fruit. It also can be used for weeding. It can be used in mountainous areas, hilly areas and scattered land.
■ Access to China Famous Brand, is the famous brand of Shan dong, is a good plant protecting machine.
Technical Specifications


3WF-2.6 Mist Sprayer

Average droplet diameter(um)


Net weight(kg)


container capacity(L)


The spraying dosage (Liquid)(kg/min)


Dusting the amount of (Powder)(kg/min)


Horizontal range(m)


Mating power



Gasoline and two stroke gasoline engine oil by 30:1volume ratio


Electronic ignition

Starting method

Recoil start

Shutdown method

Throttle full-closure

Rated power(kw/r/min)


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